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July 27th: Sasquatch Gathering - Rangeton Park.

August 17th: Come by the Hills Folk Festival. 


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Back Again

Posted March 18, 2023


Well, here we are. Moving forward from a big, performance-filled summer. Justin has been recovering from tendonitis in his hand that prohibited him from pl…

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August 17th

Posted August 17, 2023

Both our new albums, "In The Water" and "Lethe," are now available for purchase online through our store or on iTunes. If you want to listen to us before your purchase you can…

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Preview Our Music

"In the Water" EP

Bardic Form's first EP was recorded with live room mics in a spare room in August of 2011. What makes this album special is the fact that during the recording, Bardic Form opened their window to one of the greatest Albertan storms of the year, and captured the sound of the falling rain and roaring thunder on the recorded tracks themselves. It was not added after the fact or used as a separate track; the recordings themselves are imbued with the sound of the storm.


The title track of this album was written as an expression of sadness regarding the apathy present in our current generation. We now lack empathy and connection to human experience, and feel distant and detached due to the sheer expanse of the internet and obsession with independence and isolation. Stories and connections that were once deep and meaningful are now fleeting and forgotten, and we have become entrenched in flickering screens. It is ironic, however, that the forgetfulness that we foster may be the only way that we can live with the devastation that our species has inflicted on the balance of life.

What Our Listeners Have Said

    • "Very exciting and definitely different - I've never seen anything like it!"
    • "I was in another place."
    • "I feel like I should be wandering through a fantasy forest on a quest."
    • "Global acoustic"
    • "Acoustic dream theater"
    • "Acoustic folk metal"
    • "Classical fusion"
    • "Pirate folk"
    • "Medieval... Spanish?"
    • "Defying categorization, 'Bardic Form' draws from their metal roots to deliver a fusion of world sound that smoothly draws you in and subtly melts your mind."